30 November 2010


Three bands came to me on this board tape from a 1984 gig in Brighton...it seemed overkill to slap them all up here at once, since I like to you to be able to enjoy these tunes, not just amass a bunch of files you'll never listen to. I mean really, what's the fukkn sense in downloading 436 songs a day? You aren't gonna listen to them for weeks, and by then you'll have 624 other songs that you also haven't listened to. My point is simply that you'll get the other two sets from that night eventually, and for now you should just enjoy this classic and drunkenly presented live UK Punk set...I even included the strangely appealing 4 minute live intro that came through the PA, because I'm just that thoughtful and I like for you to feel like you were actually there. I suggest drinking cheap cider, inhaling a few Evo sticks, and a cold rainy night to complete the experience. 12 tunes in just over 30 minutes. 


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I was at this gig, it was upstairs at the Richmond Hotel, Brighton on 15th march 1984 with Crux & Rabid Dogs. There were about 70 or so of us in the audience that night (which was about average for Richmond gigs). The Richmond used to hold Punk/Anarcho Punk gigs on average once a fortnight between 1982 & 1984. Mainly (but not always)on Sunday nights. Very rarely were tickets ever available. You used to pay on the door & someone would scribble something on the back of your hand with a black marker pen. Happy days. The Richmond also used to hold a lot of Bank Holiday specials featuring the likes of Peter & The Test Tube Babies, The Long Tall Texans & others. Its yet another venue that has now fallen by the way - gutted.