06 July 2010


The SEALINGS demo I posted in January was quite well received, perhaps because Terminal Escape readers have, for the mot part, excellent taste. After seeking out SEALINGS on the internets, I was directed to the fine folks at Free Loving Anachists (careful with that link, if you dig this kind of shit then you can get lost there for a long long time) who dealt out this split a few months back. LOIS MAGIC play two songs separated by an interlude...distorted and dreary pop music for fans of self indulgent post adolescents lurking in dark corners, the song "Sweetheart" alone is more than worth the whole download. SEALINGS are a supercharged version of the same animal: underneath the distortion and the guitars (that sound just as suited for a lo-fi Eastern European black metal bedroom band as they do this project) are brilliantly crafted pop songs...a wash of other sounds mask the songs in the same way that MY BLOODY VALENTINE hid perfectly simple tunes underneath mountains of guitar effects, but the tunes are there - and when you find them, they are catchy as hell. "Atomised" appears again (it's on the first demo as well), but "Out Cold" is the must have song on this tape, a brief trip that makes me a little seasick by swelling up and releasing sound. Enjoy.

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Yeah, weird shit is cool.

Thanks for this!