31 July 2010


FUGITIVE KIND's members are the nucleus of Thrillhouse Records, the store and label and loose collective that are, intentionally or otherwise, shaping my neighborhood's punk scene, much the same way that Mission Records did in the early '00s. They play dirty and loose, the way the neighborhood flows, but this demo gives their songs a clarity that sometimes gets lost in their live shows (playing on a toxic beach in the wind while battling the rumble of a generator will do that to your songs).  Zoe's vocals have an off kilter intensity that mirrors the often deeply personal lyrics, and Fred's drums have gotten infinitely more intense over the years since I first saw FUGITIVE KIND (basically, he hits harder...a LOT harder). Mid tempo and slightly melodic dirges that sometimes groove, but usually they flow like a sketched out over the hill macho punk doing that creepy crawl through the pit that he is about to start against the will of everyone around him...slow motion anger building and lurching, just waiting for the right time to explode. That guy is what this demo sounds like but the demo never explodes, it just seizes that moment of anticipation and builds a mood around it.  Great songs buried under a wash of distortion and emotion...exactly where they belong.

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Anonymous said...

this is fucking amazing.