01 July 2010


The Soldier demo from THE CAUSE was one of the first Terminal Escape posts, and since that day back in June 2009 I've been promising Gabe that I would get this one up.  Better late than never? Four more plodding UK punk gems from 1983, with a healthy warble through most of "Belief" that I couldn't get rid of even after taking the tape apart and re-spooling it...that's part of why we love tapes though, innit? 


Henk said...

Nice one mate! I have been waiting for this one a while now. Is there any chance you could re-rip the DECEASED demo that you put at the beginning of this blog again in a less distorted rip? it is a really great tape. i am really satisfied with the effort you already made, but this stuff might not last forever (tapes) and it would be a great idea if it would surface in better condition and spread out worldwide for the future. (asked just in case it was a mess-up from you, the tape might be recorded at that high volume on the tape as well?)

I LOVE YOU! /cheers Henk

the wizard said...

I do need to re-rip that DECEASED demo. It was the first thing I transferred and I didn't really know what I was doing. However, the super distorted first song plays that was on my tape as well, so I'm afraid that the quality is still going to be rather lacking. If I had an extra week I would re-do several older posts...it will happen someday.