19 July 2010


This Victoria, British Columbia band kicked around from late 80s to the mid 90s, and I don't believe they ever released any vinyl, but these 45 minutes are more than enough to convince me of their worth. Abrasive, fast and raspy melodic hardcore, SECTION 46 come off like a modern incarnation of FUNERAL ORATION mixed with melodic 90s punk (HICKEY keeps coming to mind, though that could be something about the approach rather than the tunes themselves, early SHOTWELL might be a better musical comparison, but way faster). The pace is frantic, the vocals are blown out but still worthy of the off key back ups (which are awesome even if not actually good...). I gather that they were contemporaries of RENDER USELESS and other Victoria bands I already like, and have seen their name mentioned in discussions about first and/or influential punk and hardcore gigs. Unfortunately, my copy of The Downtrodden (with While Injustice Continues on the flipside for a future post) comes with no song titles, so these 22 songs are simply named by number.


Bryn said...

THANK YOU!! I haven't heard this in years since the original tape got snarled in my box... These guys pre-date Render Useless by about 5 years or so. The singer/guitarist Tony G. and guitarist Rob N. still play in a great band AK-47. I have some files of AK-47 and the bands Lootbag and Nothing to Lose with many of the same musicians if you'd like to hear them.

Adamski said...

Shee-it! I remember the band sent me this tape to review in my zine back in 1990 or so. I lost it many years ago, but I'm sure mine had a different cover. I'm sure it was black & white, too. I must look out my old zine & see what I had to say about it!...
Actually, the tape I had was called "While Injustice Continues." Do you have this one, mate? Can't find it on Soulseek...
Oops, just re-read the post & you say your gonna post that demo! Ace! Can't wait to hear it again!!

the wizard said...

Thanks for the info, Bryn, and the interest from both of you. Any chance either one of you could help out with the song titles? I could guess from the lyrics that are discernible, but it would just be...guessing.
I've heard the AK-47 stuff, it's quality. If either of you (or anyone else) has 80s Victoria tapes you'd be down to share, please drop me a line!

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this band for ages now. Thanks. Do you know when this tape was released?

the wizard said...

based on the above comments, I would guess somewhere in the 89-91 range.

Bryn said...

My copies of these tapes are long gone, so I wouldn't be much help with the song titles...

I loved cassettes back in the day but man those tapes were not very rugged!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Section 46 started out in about 85 or so as the Rat Bags. By the time I had moved to Victoria in 86 they were using the Section 46 name and had put out their first demo. They were one of my favourite local acts because they were doing pretty straightforward punk and not the metal stuff that was fashionable at the time.

That was with their first line up which was a trio of Tony on guitar and vocal, Chris (I think) on bass and Jason on drums. After two demos with this line up Chris was out of the band and they brought in Rob on guitar and my old room-mate Dan on bass. This is the classic S46 line up.

Rob's addition added to the melodic elements and Dan was a seriously good bass player so they were no longer hampered in that area. They were tighter and faster and better. More demos ensued until Rob left the band to focus on Bum (his other band) and they became Lootbag.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
This is Rob from AK47/Section 46.
Dave contacted me to tel me about this blog and to get me to help with song titles.

Thanks to Dave for bringing it to my attention and to the Wizard for showing interest.

I'm listening to The Downtrodden right now for the first time in 20+ years! Way too many "intros".

It was recorded in December 1988 and was released right around then. Chris left immediately and that's when Dan and I joined.

There appear to be 21 tracks for download. The tape lists 23. It's just a case of 2 songs being on one single file twice. I've noted these anomalies with ***

Here's the way the rip of the files lines up:

1. All These Years
2. It's A Lie
3. Confrontation
4. Songs About Love
5. Forgotten Sons
6. Knocking Them Down/Speak Your Mind***
7. You're Diseased
8. Don't You Forget/Wide Awake**
9. Tomorrow's Generation
11.Nothing Matters Now
13.Land Of Opportunity
14.Someone's Not Doing Their Job
15.Age Of Desperation
16.I Don't Want To Be An American
17.We Will Be Heard
18.Failure To Communicate
19.Avenge Anthony's Death
10.Nothing's Changed

Dave mentioned the Shutdown split too. The last song on that tape is "Closer Than You Think"

I will go and try to list the songs for "While Injustice Continues" now.
Thanks again, guys.


Kick ass and thanks for the titles too - RAGING!

vickz said...

could you reupload the both releases from them please?! i'd like so much to listen to it ;D thanks!! ;)

the wizard said...