26 July 2010


Courtesy of Bastard Rock Records comes Violent Party vol. 1, the first in (hopefully) a series of live Japanese split tapes. Sapporo's SLANG finally made it stateside this past summer, and punks from Texas up to the east coast finally got to see for themselves what I have known to be true since 2000 - that a SLANG live show is something other worldly. A friend who toured with them said that their live prowess became almost something of a joke...they were simply so fukkn good every night that you could only laugh in amazement.  Their music hit our shores a few years back when Schizophrenic (ok, Canadian shores, but they are connected to ours, so in this instance I'm going to stick with "our" shores) repressed the Skilled Rhythm Kills LP, but as great as that record is, live is the way to experience SLANG, and these three songs (recorded in July 2009) demonstrate that to the fullest, albeit through a rather hollow recording. There's a new split out and a new LP due in the coming months, both on Prank. STAGNATION took my ears by storm with a four track assault on Whispers In Darkness in '08, but even that could not prepare me for these three live numbers recorded this past January - total and complete mindfuck noisecore that is hopelessly addictive, perhaps chiefly because I can hear the songs that are buried under the white wash, and they are fukkn great. I missed them by days the last time I was in Japan, and this teaser puts them high on my 'must see' list for the future. "Elementum Dance Party" is my soundtrack for the day, what's yours? Cheers to Bastard Rock (no contact information or I would gladly share it with you) for this ear bleeding cassette.


Zach said...

Awesome! Despite seeing Slang in both Texas and Detroit, I somehow missed getting this tape. Thanks a lot for this!

Anonymous said...

Stagnation is probably my favourite Japanese band (Chaos Channel and People excluded). The 3 songs here are "Egcentric Noise core" from the new "!!!" CDR then "Destraction" from the 7" and finally another from the new CDR. Sound is good but you can not hear vocals so much.