30 July 2010


A few years back in Milwaukee we hosted a monthly mix tape exchange, and virtually every brand of mix passed through our little club, some were executed brilliantly and others were just a chore to listen to, either due to the songs selected or the complete lack of flow...but digging into the tapes was a pleasure every month regardless. I post mix tapes and/or compilations every Friday, surely you all know this by now, and surely you also realise that there is an art to constructing the perfect mix tape. If making a tape for a prospective love interest, there must be special attention paid to the lyrical content of the songs - you want just the right amount of your emotions conveyed through the words of others, without overwhelming the receiver with gushing love songs. If you are making a tape for a friend passing through on tour, you might want to lean heavily towards road worthy jams from bands like ZZ TOP, MOTORHEAD, or perhaps the more modern PHARAOH OVERLORD. Maybe you are making a tape to introduce a friend to a certain genre you are fond of, and if so you would be smart to include starter bands like SUBHUMANS, THE DAMNED or CHAOS UK to invite your friend into the wonderful world of UK punk rock, but if your friend had already crossed that threshold and wanted to delve deeper, then filling a tape with NAKED, REBEL ARMY and KRONSTADT UPRISING would help expose him/her to lesser known bands from the same genre. But sometimes mix tapes (or, in this case, a compilation) manage to do it all, and those mix tapes are special. Bad Entrails 3 is special. During the ensuing 90 minutes, you will surely hear songs that you are well familiar with, total hits that most punks already know and love, but you will also no doubt be exposed to new bands. There are bands here that I've heard of for years, seen the names on fliers, or maybe heard a song here and there, but these are the second tier bands that fly under the radar even though they cranked out great material...material that is included on this tape. Bad Entrails 3 is as close to a perfectly crafted mix tape as I've ever rocked, it moves from fast ragers to darker slower songs effortlessly; the flow of the tape is constant and maintains your attention from start to finish. Songs range from 16 seconds to over 6 minutes, but I'm not bored for even a moment, and I never feel like I'm getting jerked around by poor transitions. I wish I had access to Bad Entrails 1 and 2, but alas, volume 3 is sadly where my entrails start and finish, so relish in this: the perfect hardcore mix tape.

Also, this is where I am today, and what I'm doing: RW24. Can't ride unfortunately, due to the surgery earlier this year, but I will be at the start and the finish, and plan to man a checkpoint for the entire 24 hours.  I have a feeling that this mix will play no small role in getting me through.



i have friend who has 1 and 2

paddy said...

yeah,thats a good mix.