17 July 2010


Harsh and beautiful electronic noise. JUHYO hail from Minneapolis and are responsible for a 14 minute piece that takes you from mellow droning static not unlike what you might hear is you left your AM radio alone while you travelled through the mountains at night to evil, shrieking and mesmerizing waves of sound.  The track ends with a nearly three minute ambient cool down, fucking brilliant shit. Portland's OKHA land on the more industrial side of things, like a swarm of metallic cicadas surrounding your pathetic little world. No let up, no cool down, after an 18 minute assault, the sound just ends, leaving me feeling rather hollow. This comes courtesy of the fine folks at Hear More!, who are responsible for many quality releases in the realms of the noise and the heavy, highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

you post alot of cool stuff but not today.

the wizard said...

no way to please everyone! If I don't bum someone out from time to time then I figure the blog is getting bland.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this tape and other Juhyo releases. It's awesome.