21 July 2010


This is some kind of proto-post-neo-crust or some shit, but I think I like it. While a few of the drum beats do indeed scream "1990!!!!!" right in your face, the riffs that DECLINE dish out are solid, and it comes off like the good parts of Thrash Zone era DRI (and don't lie, there are a few good parts, even if only because they make you chuckle) mixed with MORAL SUCKLING or later DEVIATED INSTINCT. Favorite song here is "Fools," it sounds like AMEBIX playing late 80s era Bay Area thrash metal, but all the tunes manage to pull of a certain charm. Wednesdays are for proto-post-neo-crust from now on....or at least for this week.


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zak said...

Nice, thanks for this wizard

Anonymous said...

the only thing i hate about your blog is that you only do one post a day.other than that you got a real insane blog