27 July 2010

SECTION 46 - While Injustice Continues

This is the other demo from Victoria, BC's SECTION 46. More backing vocals throughout on this one, and I confess that they too often venture into "whoa-whoa" territory, but the pure punk power of these songs is indisputable. Still no song titles for this, or The Downtrodden demo, hopefully some old head from Canada can help the rest of us out with that. 16 songs in 35 minutes. 


Bryn said...

Thanks again for another great S46 demo!

Anonymous said...

Rob from S46 here again.
I love this tape. I used to listen to it all the time when I joined the band and I feel it contains one of Tony's finest songs, "One By One".
I truly think it's world class.

This rip, like the one for The Downtrodden has a couple of moments where two songs are on 1 file. They will be noted below by ***

Here's the way the rip of the files lines up:

1. Just Listen/So Far Away***
2. Parasites
3. Deeper Conditions
4. Pastel Sweaters
5. Even If I Wanted To
6. Second Class Citizens
7. On Man's Opinion
8. Not Yet
9. Fuck Religion
10.Common Enemy/Speech Is Free***
12.They Call Us Red
13.Oppressive Dogma
15.Broken Trust
16.One By One



Yet again, thank you so much, loved the old Canadian bands and this is no exception. Appreciate all the effort.

_Griphin_ said...

Greetings. I run Victoria Demo Restoration Projekt, and came upon your blog during a google search. I was looking for any info regarding S46, at the moment I'm working on digitizing (I think) their self titled first demo. In any case, it'll be up on the blog in the next few days. vdrp.blogspot.com

the wizard said...