10 July 2010

A.O.S. 3

Look at those paisleys!! You know this shit sounds like a bowl of non-confrontational corn flakes, right? You should also know that I'm posting this A.O.S.3 demo to remind you that you should be working in your garden (urban or otherwise), reconnecting with long lost friends (digitally or otherwise), making a mix tape (analog only), or smashing the system instead of downloading long forgotten tapes off the internet.  Seriously. The most interesting tune here is "3rd World War," which somehow takes the bass line from DEAD KENNEDYS "Holiday In Cambodia" and slows it down to make it relatively uninteresting, adds a guitar lick lifted directly from JOY DIVISION and peppers the tune with vocals trying so earnestly to be intense. The acoustic BILLY BRAGG sounding tune "Embers" is the shortest jam on the tape, and even it approaches the 4 minute mark...get ready to get into some anarcho dub/ska/reggae. Or perhaps you could read a book, totally up to you.

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flitox said...

thanks for the old aos3 live stuff, those guys are Greatt!!!