04 July 2010


Back in April I missed the Heavy Focus noise fest in Minneapolis, but all reports were that it was a stellar weekend. My most notable disappointment was not seeing the live debut of TRTRKMMR, but after I got a package of goodies in the mail from John it became clear that there was a mountain of quality aural desecration that I missed out on.  It took me ages to sift through the tapes I got in the mail, but the first one I devoured is also the first one I'll share: CUSTODIAN. Wave after wave of whitewashed sonic distortion...I found that I could tune it out and it became rather ambient and pleasing, but when you listen to the shit that's going on it is completely transfixing. It's kinda like America: if you tune it out it turns into a dull roar, but if you actually pay attention you find yourself exclaiming: "What the FUCK is going on?!?"

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Anonymous said...

Here is a pretty great video of Custodian at Heavy Focus:


Intense show!