23 July 2010


This tape came in a loaner box from Terminal Escape minion Blake, who was not only responsible for the other BCT tape posted, as well as many of the Oklahoma gems featured over the last year. BCT should need no introduction, and neither should 80s Italian hardcore, especially to people as cultured as yourselves, so dive in and party yer asses off to CHELSEA HOTEL, SHOCKIN TV, TIRITUTA LIMITATA (OK, maybe don't party to that one, it's not really all that great), EU'S ARSE, the always brilliant NABAT (I'm wearing their shirt right now, thanks Abe!), the cardboard box drum sound that PEGGIO PUNX somehow manage to make work in their favor, CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS, DARK RIDE (this band is so raw and shitty, I fukkn love it), and one brilliant track from the mysterious ROUGH. Top quality music for top quality people.

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nabat became a crust band from skinheads to crusties now that's strange.