12 January 2010


THIEVES are a current, and currently burly, hardcore band from North Carolina.  When I say "North Carolina hardcore" I think CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, and when i think "CORROSION OF CONFORMITY" I think the 1980s hardcore, and when i think "1980s hardcore" I think MINOR THREAT, and now that I put that all together: THIEVES kinda sound like COC playing MINOR THREAT songs.  This is really fkkn great, no bullshit hardcore with everything played full out and/or to the max, whichever form of praise you prefer.  There is a B-side, it's all live shit from later in 2009 and it kills, but seeing as how you can easily buy this shit for cheap from these folks right here and support the band, it seems pretty silly for me to just give it away.  Cheers.

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