02 January 2010


Methods Of Power is two mesmerizing ambient drones from Johnathon Davis, aka STREET WITHOUT JOY.  First comes "Revision no. 1" with its swarm of cicadas in the form of a lone organ and/or noise maker, and then "Analog" on the flip side is a stark and minimal track reminiscent of something SUICIDE might have created in one of their darker moments.  Not for everyone, perhaps, but I find myself coming back to these two songs over and over, enjoy.


Johnathon Davis said...

Wow, somehow this review escaped me, thank you for your complementary words. I am also overjoyed you posted mp3's, I can provide you with the higher quality master recording- simply email me. Not to let the cat out of the bag, but the only two instruments used on the tape were a Roland SH-09 and a Boss DR-55. I am afraid Multiple Sclerosis has made lugging about heavy gear and writing music difficult, but maybe I'll get around to another release one of these days. THANK YOU!!!

the wizard said...

Thank YOU for the comment, and I hope that you do manage to create more sounds. I know the battle with MS is daunting, and I wish you the best. Thanks for the music.