27 January 2010


Look at this shit! This is exactly how KILL YOUR BRAIN sounds; a complete surrounding of your underutilized cerebrum by a small army of comic book knives.  If you've never heard that, then please allow me to assure you that it sounds really good.  Ultra noisy punk rock with liberal doses of psychedelic rock n' roll for good measure, but mostly this shit just fucking jams, and people who don't like things that jam are people I don't really want to be friends with.  Like tonight, when I played DEEP PURPLE's "Speed King" and this dude was like "eh, this is ok, but it's nothing special." That is exactly the kind of dude I don't need in my life.  Can you imagine blasting SOCIAL ABUSE or VIRUS for someone and hearing them say "this is ok"?  Yeah, I can't either, and while KILL YOUR BRAIN doesn't sound shit-all like DEEP PURPLE or SOCIAL ABUSE, VIRUS, and most other 80s UK punk (...actually, they kinda sound like the best parts of MUDHONEY, but on a shitload of acid), what I'm trying to imply is that they are really good.  Also, they are from Virginia.



got any tape's by by the irish band Stalag 17

living in the 80s said...

hahahaha what a nice cover, really cool! gonna listen this now.

Sean said...

This is okay.