29 January 2010


I picked this up last week from the Raw Ponx from LA when they were up in The Bay last week (great fukkn show from TB, POLISCHITZO, RAYOS X and that band from San Jose who rules but I could never remember the name of), and it pretty well floored me.  Epic and dismal raw black metal from Southern California that deals as heavily in tape hiss as it does guitar fuzz, AXEMAN create an utterly painful vibe in these three songs.

If this suits your fancy, then please check out this weeks Black Twilight post over at Cosmic Hearse, and if it doesn't, then rest assured that poorly played shitty punk will be returning soon.  "poorly played" and "shitty" are both terms of endearment, and meant as positive comments, in case you were offended.  I like poorly played shitty punk...anyway, get your evil on:

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aaronhall said...

thanks for posting this. Already sold out at all the distros. Knew I should've gone to that show