07 January 2010


A complete grinding noise assault.  Just guitar and drums, and it honestly doesn't sound like they have known each other all that long, but for some reason I am drawn to demo....it's like noise and powerviolence and grind and hardcore all deconstructed until there is nothing but the most raw energy and frustration left, and that power is being channelled by monkeys; perhaps primal is the word I'm looking for.  There are 11 "songs" here, in a total of just over 6 minutes...mind you, I am not claiming that this is good, in any traditional sense of the word, but Baltimore's DECEIVER are pushing the boundaries of music, and I fully endorse their efforts.


Jess said...

Any chance for a re-up? I lost my copy in a move years ago, and John & Clint from Deceiver say they don't even have copies.

the wizard said...