31 January 2010


I have been posting Oklahoma tapes for several Sundays now, but I'm going to cheat a little bit today and rock a demo from my former neighbor to the east, Arkansas.  Fort Smith was where I played my first ever show outside of Oklahoma, and I believe that most of the folks from BG were there (and helped set up the show), so it was good to roll through town nearly a decade later in 2001 and see that the dudes are still killing it.  This band would have been hugely popular had they been from somewhere "cool," but then they also might not have been nearly as good. This demo was the precursor to a couple of crushing EPs and a split with IRON LUNG, and came from RASH OF BEATINGS and BURNED UP BLED DRY personnel (anyone got those demos? drop me a line). The band's namesake and cover model is the guitarist's brother (his name is BG)...I guess it's a little easier to become a legend in Arkansas.


Anonymous said...

I played a generator show in a park in 2001 with BG.It was in Indiana. No one was there besides our band and them. They were really fucking good and totally killed it. total bad ass.
-retsevraH gerG

str8ev said...

neither BUBD or ROB ever did a demo...but i should be able to hook you up with a DOODLEBUG demo soon, which was pre-ROB

Anonymous said...

i gotta here this haha