23 January 2010


When I listen to bands like this, I wonder what people thought of them at the time.  I hear charging UK punk with influences ranging from GBH to DISORDER to HERESY, with liberal doses of pub life and beer to season the mix.  "Sirens" is a heavy plodding crust number that will easily please the black clad masses, while "What A Combination" sounds like a lost gem from a bygone UK punk era.  But in 1989 when this demo came out, did all the punks who had moved on to thrash or pop punk or metal (or perhaps just moved from the stage in the back of the bar to the seat at the bar itself) just shake their heads and wonder why DEPTH CHARGE were stuck in the past?  Not sure about some of the lyrics, but even cider swilling punks can't be "all genius all the time" I suppose.


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larsen said...

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the wizard said...

cheers larsen...
as far as a "wanted" list for tapes...I suppose I want pretty much anything i can get my hands on. I am more than happy to trade copies of anything posted here or other shit that I might have. i've you've got tapes, especially old ones, then I am interested! please drop me a line:

thanks again---robert

Louis Warren said...

Depth Charge punk rock band from Birmingham UK. Ex members Louis Rotunda. Danny Drongos for Europe. Mopsy bass The Nerks. Cradeo Happy Spastics. Seano Police Bastard. Rat Indecent Assault.