23 January 2010


Ultra raw political crust-o-rama for this Sunday's Oklahoma post.  CHRISTIANISTAN were from Norman, and we played with them at a warehouse in Oklahoma City in the summer of 2002.  I honestly can't remember a thing from the show because my mother drove down to visit and I spent most of the night sitting in the corner of a warehouse (it was called the Oatmeal Collective, or so Ross tells me) awkwardly visiting with her, surrounded by wasted fukk-ups and copious amounts of booze and weed.  Too bad I missed their set but the demo I left the show with (hope I traded you something good, dudes!) has lasted through many purges, and now here are 12 songs in 13 1/2 minutes for you to listen to while you melt your face huffing gasoline and entertain blurry thoughts of life somewhere other than where you are today.  Proper demo quality recording, but what might be lacking in terms of studio prowess is more than compensated for by a killer bass tone and an all out assault of crust/dbeat/fastcore madness.  I don't miss living in the state for even one minute, but being a punk in Oklahoma is a fucking commitment, and that intensity shows in bands like this.

"For The Cover Of Our Next Record All We're Going To Have Is Our Name And A Picture Of Someone Oppressing Someone Else"
generic sensibilities / exposes the banality / and total insanity / of the punk rock scenery
is it just me, or is it getting boring to keep pointing out the things we're ignoring?


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