05 January 2010


Musically, there are parts of this that would easily fall in line with late 80s UK punk shits, you know after the mohawks have fallen and the leather jackets have become slightly passe.  But then comes "M.O.S." and "Land Of The La La's" and PEPPERMINT SUBWAY dive straight into college rock that likely appealed to fans of early R.E.M, CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN, or THE ALARM. If you aren't double clicking your closed minded ass away from Terminal Escape by now, and if you can sort through  the weedpatch to find a few flowers, then you are in for a quality demo.  "Destination X" is a Motor City  worshipping burner, "Psycho Surf" is a little silly, but it was Cincinnati for fuck's sake, and it was 1988, so I'm guessing that most folks didn't know any better, and a song about zombies is usually a good time.  Nine tunes here, and to be fair, four of them are probably worth keeping, but that's not for me to decide...listen for yourself.

(and yeah, they spelled it wrong twice)

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Anonymous said...

Hey here's the deal-in french the word terre means earth-so the title butchered on purpose at a time whe the Ramones had released the same-a sort of "let's see who's listening" thing-as for the songs 1/2 the orig Subway bailed so at the time we recovered with 17 two 17 year old guitar players-and had to be fair and do their pop type songs-we got 2ld airplay on this cassette and it was bootelegged to hell and back-it is what ist is-or was...the orig Subway rocked a lot harder-and thanks for the motor city ref...
Jerry Adams
aka(from the past) Ashley Allen
from the 80's