16 January 2010


This duo started releasing music in 1983, but I am guessing that they started hating years earlier.  These two tracks, totaling just over one hour, take the art and psychosis drenched industrial mayhem of THROBBING GRISTLE but trade the oddness of TG for complete hate, and add the vocal attack of UK punk. Truly nihilistic, frustrated and angry sounds recorded live in 1984.  I can't really be sure what scene they existed in (my guess: none whatsoever), but presently these characters perform and record as GREY WOLVES, whose sounds will more than satisfy fans of harsh noise and aural manifestations of rage.  The two pieces here, titled "Scumworld" and "Hate Machine," tend to make me think that they were on this path a long time ago.

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this stuff went over my head a friend of mine will love this one