28 January 2010


Here's the third tape from early 80s New York City bizarro thrash outfit SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS.  It would be pretty easy to dismiss this band upon first listen; the vocals are completely all over the place and teeter right on the brink of being really irritating for most of the tape, and the guitar attack kinda comes off as DEAD KENNEDYS worship gone the way of VICTIM'S FAMILY, but around the middle of "Down On All Fours" something just clicks, and this shit becomes indispensable.  How a song seemingly about eating frozen dinners could end up being a rather profound and thought provoking tune addressing the dangers of complacency is a testament to SATANS CHEERLEADERS being more than the grating nerd hardcore that they seem to be.  Don't get me wrong, getting over the shrieks coming from frontman Jon Sanborne might take more than a little bit of effort, but I think you will find the reward quite worth your while. Mix early MDC with DKs, REAGAN YOUTH and MINUTEMEN...now play it too fast and slop everything up a lot.  I don't believe that they did anything after this tape (except maybe get their drivers licenses?), but check out this 15 minute, 12 song manic attack.

it kinda sounds like this looks:

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Adrian said...

do you have the other two demos?