29 January 2010


Fridays are for compilations, here at TEHQ, and this one is a fukkn scorcher, if I do say so myself.  An entry over at KFTH was the only way I was able to identify half of this shit, and even with that limited guide, it's kinda tough picking out the CAPITLE (sic) tracks from the PSYCHO tunes, and MOTTEK and RAZZIA sound a bit alike as well on this release, so a fair bit of the editing here might be a little suspect (the few song titles I've included are pure guesses...I figure it's a safe bet that when the singer for the brilliantly named band PUNKS shouts "KKK" over and over throughout the song, the song is called "KKK," but you know what they say about assuming...).  Ripping shit throughout, the first half from the USA (PUNKS, killer live shit from Alabama's THE KNOCKABOUTS, CAPITLE, PSYCHO, NO IDENTITY, THE ART THIEVES, my favorite songs on the tape from JERK WARD and TOEJAM) and the other half from West Germany (R.A.F. GIER, RANOLA, RAZZIA, MOTTEK, EA80, BLUTTAT, and a band I cannot identify).  A few songs from each of these bands, and everything here is top notch, enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Wogendes Fleisch.zip: CRC failed in B9 unknown - MOTTEK.mp3. The file is corrupt

Anonymous said...

really? I downloaded and had no problems

the wizard said...

problems or not, i re-zipped and re-loaded the German side (that's the where it's called "fleisch" instead of "flesh"). so whether or not is was broke, it still got fixed.

luke said...

great! i've the THE KNOCKABOUTS, CAPITLE,JERK WARD , TOEJAM demo tapes,if you want only say as send you it XXXXX

the wizard said...

Luke>>>man, that would be great!! drop me a line and we will work out a trade: iamtheverybadman@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Downloaded fine. Dude! I'm very happy to have these Knockabouts tracks - they're basically the first punk band from my hometown and I will always have a soft spot for them. I know you can't post the Prank 7" reissue but i'd love to have the demo. If you don't have the record leave a note here and i'll send oyu the link. Thanks again!

Alex said...

Alright, let's see what we've got here... the tunes of the german bands are quite easily to identify, as far as they were released on their records:

RAFgier: Chemische Autarkie - Krieg in den Gaststätten

Ranola: Die Mauern von Jericho - Propellerschaden - Drogen

Razzia - Neo Nazi - Gift - Pro Future

Mottek: I can't figure out those, they were not released on vinyl afterwards, I've got the Mottek demo somewhere, will dig for the songs if I find the time.

EA80: 2nd Tune is named 'Dinge', the first one sounds quite mysterious. I don't understand one single word of it and I think I never heard this before.

Bluttat: Running - Money

No idea what the last two tracks might be, sounds german but who knows...
All the tracks mentioned above, by the way, are, whenever released elsewhere, kind of exclusive recordings and not copied from the LPs.
The versions are slightly different and much rawer than the studio recordings of the same songs - great!

Thanks for uploading this curiosity, of which I never even heard before.
Is there anymore cover / insert artwork available??