25 January 2010


Maybe in 1989 I thought ACID REIGN were just the poor man's ANTHRAX, but in the year 2010, I think that they are at least as good as the middle class man's ANTHRAX.  Here's the killer 6 song debut EP from these UK thrashers, complete with Psycho samples and mandatory acoustic outros. This band must have existed 1,000 times over in every corner of the world, but listening to "Respect The Dead" will make you think that ACID REIGN were the only ones that mattered.  Once again: Enjoy your Monday.

and if nothing else, who couldn't love faces like this?


mike said...

Some of these guys went on to be doom guitar gods in CATHEDRAL!I still have this on vinyl but I never listen to it.

Anonymous said...

had no clue this was pre-CATHEDRAL. I got this ages ago, but hadn't listened in probably a decade... holds up surprisingly well!

Anonymous said...

This takes me back, I won my copy from Kerrang! Maybe I still have it in the boxes!