21 December 2009


Blazing Japanese noise punk assault from Tokyo's UNARM.   This band shares a drummer with KRIEGSHOG, but their style of chaos is way more over the top.  The female vocals are strained and urgent, the guitars are like buzzsaws that morph into swarms of fighter planes dive bombing your sanity (ok, that comparison might have been a little bit much, but seriously, the guitars sound fucking mean).   Ultra intense and way blown out hardcore, 5 songs in 10 minutes (one of them a CROCODILE SKINK tune, for the Japanese hardcore nerd), a perfect way to start your week.


Zak said...

Holy crap this is GOOD!

Zak said...

By the by, have you heard the new Voca Protesta LP? I heard it at Extreme Noise a few weeks ago. Totally didn't have anymore copies there. No more to be found in the US for now. Someone needs to press it here instead of just England. Urrrghhh!