26 December 2009


Since someone's birthday got in the way of my planned Friday compilation tape, I'll cheat a little bit and give this one up on Saturday.  Bang Zoom No. 6 isn't exactly a comp, it's really an audio zine that was released on cassette in the 80s.  This volume deals with way more college rock than I would prefer, especially when you consider the heaps of great punk and otherwise 'alternative' music being released in 1984, but I've omitted the schlock and just posted the really good bits of this tape.  Three segments, one with HUSKER DU, who seem insanely nice, and this interview makes me like them even more...this was conducted right after the release of Zen Arcade and features a few tracks from the record; BLACK FLAG, who come off like self absorbed egotistical pricks...well, just one prick, and I think we know who that is, right?; and THE DICKIES, who deliver a great interview...I was pretty surprised how fun it was listening to their ramblings.  There's a scan of the other stuff featured in the tape/zin, so if you are interested in some live gig reviews, LIVE SKULL, BAND OF OUTSIDERS or anything else I skipped, just drop me a line and I'll put it up.  But here's the punk shit:



Anonymous said...

Could you upload this again please?


the wizard said...

This one is dead until further notice.