12 December 2009


What is it about Albany?  I mean, it's pretty nice, and the leaves turn all kinds of beautiful colors in the fall, and there are lots of nice people, but I don't understand how this small upstate New York college town can crank out such a disproportionate number of killer punk bands.  NUCLEAR FAMILY and ECFU (who are, if I may indulge in a rhyme, "technically from Schenectady") have already been featured on The Escape, and today i give you the SECRET SERVICE demo to help you ride your bicycle down the cold and rainy streets dodging cars and idiots along the way (it's cold and rainy where I am, not sure about you).  I get a distinct Dangerhouse feel from this demo, but what I hope that you will get is a sweet punk tape that will make your day just a little better than it was before you stopped by.


Anonymous said...

hi, i found a little video with a rare gig of city indians and other bands of Derby England, is this the same city indians of your post?

take care

Anonymous said...

oops, here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR0A0PvuoiA&feature=related