23 December 2009


So, you like your UK punk rough and dirty?  Then may I offer CRACK IN THE BRICKWORK for your listening pleasure. Four songs, no titles, just the band's moniker scrawled onto a surprisingly noisy "low noise" tape.  This sounds like a rehearsal demo, as opposed to a proper studio recording, but their delivery is awkward and disjointed, and it suits them perfectly.  Plodding and frustrating UK punk, the third songs gets my vote, if only for the guitar solo that has no business anywhere near the rest of the song.


Henk said...

totally unknown to me.

nice one though.


Henk said...

Found some interesting info on the Task Force - "fresh air" 7".

"In the beginning the band were named Crack In The Brickwork and with just a few rehearsals under the belt they recorded a 3 track cassette which was sent to appear on volume 2 of the bullshit detector compilation LP's following a meeting with Eve Libertine at a Crass gig. Unfortunately the cassette never arrived"