02 December 2009


20 minutes of live and raw Japan hardcore for your Wednesday pleasure.  Equal parts Burning Spirits worship and modern crust, with a vocalist that sounds more Japanese than any singer I've heard in a long long time (he reminds me of a more chaotic version of the singer for EARTHQUAKE, but I would guess that reference is probably lost on most folks?).  I would guess that these kids are pretty young, but that's really just a hunch.  Several of the song titles are in Japanese, so instead of faking it, I've scanned the track listing for those of you who are more worldly than I....


Anonymous said...

Good shit here. The Japanese tracks listed here are called:
>track 1< Non-Fiction
>track 3< Shuumatsu Doki; End (of times) Clock
>track 5< Darakuron; Degredation Theory
>track 7< Fantasia
this band is fairly new and hails from the Osaka area.
-alex warhead

ramerock said...

nice shit

cheers from mExico