19 December 2009


From the bloodcurling scream that opens the demo (and the dismissive "fuck off" that immediately follows) to the double bass assault of the questionably titled final track "Bomb The Homeless," this New Orleans black metal band manage to channel VENOM more effectively than just about anything I've come across.  TIREFIRE are hatefilled (if listening to the riffing isn't enough, try out "Punched On Principle"), funny (may I offer "Posercaust" and "Sideswiped By The Antichrist" as examples?), and appear to not enjoy marijuana (the opening track "Eyehateweed" gave me that impression).  This demo is a perfect combination of raw and brutal death/black metal with molasses laden confrontational southern crust.  Maybe they aren't the coolest dudes to hang out with...but shit man, I just hang out with hippies and freaks and queers out here in San Francisco, so what the shit do I know, right?  I know this tape sounds good, and that's about it.

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