15 December 2009


This demo from 1985 might lose a few people, but for folks like me who were reared on new wave and then came to punk, THE HIVE is perfect.  Comparisons to THE MISSION or early SISTERS are appropriate, and the keyboards (ever present and high in the mix) are borrowed straight from Head On The Door era CURE.  The bouncy start of "Easy Come, Easy Go" sounded incredibly familiar when I first listened, and I thought it might be a TIMELORDS cover tune (it isn't), and there's a keyboard lead in "Omega" that takes me right back to midwestern dance clubs in the 80s (how fast am I losing punk points here?). Five songs here, in just over 20 minutes...all well crafted numbers, and I like this demo a lot (though not nearly as much as I would have had it passed through my life in 1985). I'm sure that THE HIVE had ambitions far loftier than a 24 year old cassette tape and a daily audio blog based half a world from their home of Leeds, but sometimes that's all you get.


This one is for PRESSVRE, you asked for more goth sounded shits, hopefully this one meets your request, cheers.



how about more uk82 sounding shits.

Zak said...

Hooray for new wave! Good stuff!

zyklon-junge said...

do you think this is the same band?

Cresh Wainright said...

Your write ups are fun to read, but your highlight that had me laughing my head off was when you said in your Hive write up "How fast am I losing punk points here??" Man, that was funny!! Hey, thanks for a great blog, first time on here, and I love it,you say alot with a little, I will check back here again soon! Kid Cresh