17 December 2009


A raging 1983 demo from yet another mystery band.  Absolutely ripping UK hardcore, with a few rather typical tracks (the vocals on "Nothing Left" are textbook sing-song punk, and "Survive" is a superb, though by-the-books number), but a couple of these songs are total standouts (especially "Believe In Me," which is a complete scorcher but features a posi-core chorus that would make 7 SECONDS proud, not exactly what the UK was churning out in '83). BRAIN DAMAGE hailed from Scotland, graced us with this seven track ripper, and then two of these songs appeared on a 1986 BCT compilation...that's all folks.


Henk said...

my cup of tea for sure!
never heard about them before.


luke said...

you're very generous sharing this uk tapes than hard to get,,,I LOVE IT,this blog is very special

congratulations from Ibiza-Spain

evilbuttmunkeh said...

awesome. where did you get this from?
these guys were from here in Dundee and actually got back together briefly in 2003 (there are photos are on the ENZK site)
some of the members from the later part of the eighties went on to be in broccoli, engage and intentions.
don't suppose you have any Exalt stuff?

the wizard said...

no Exhalt stuff, seen the name only. would have been interesting to see the 2003 Brain Damage gig(s)!

Unknown said...

Never thought this would turn up. Thanks Grant. I know we've got some stuff on soundcloud. I have the existing Master on Reel and am looking for it to be made digital. Thankyou for your comments guys ,much appreciated.
Cody Caldwell. Brain Damage Drummer