10 December 2009


This one is for 'living in the 80s,' who asked for FOUR MINUTE WARNING stuff a while back.  Six of these 11 tunes were on the Fiddler In The Furnace and HMMMM... compilation tapes (both excellent jams that will appear here eventually), and then there are five other tunes to round out the A side.  Flip the tape and there are re-recordings of five songs, done in what was probably a far more expensive studio with the addition of keyboards and other crazy magic.  Passionate raw UK punk, FOUR MINUTE WARNING are just simply fucking ace, and with cacophonic messes like "Tribal War' ("black leather jacket / blue jeans / greased hair / you know what it means / you fight the wars in the street / until your plan is complete"), there is really no way to go wrong.

And here are the tracks from the B side:


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living in the 80s said...

whoaaa!! I always want to listen something more of this band, this is perfect for me... thanx a lot!!!!.

you´ll make my day, cheers!!!!

Henk said...


I was about to rip their split E.P. with "Accumulative Poison", but now it can wait another couple of days :D

It states those songs on the E.P. is taken from their 4th demo, and the if I would guess youre share is demos number 2 and 3?

They also had a track on the 'On The Street' LP titled 'I Dont Care'...

---By the way----
IF it turn out you have the demo tape by 'Youthanasia (PX)', could you please share it? I know the bandmembers want to hear their tape again, cause their copies got lost sometime. I think the front picture to the 'Bullshit Detector Three' DLP cover was taken from this demo?

Again - T h a n k s !!!

the wizard said...

ooohh, i wish i could help with the YOUTHANASIA stuff, but alas, I have nothing. as far as this 4 MINUTE WARNING tape, the only indication I have as to when or where it comes from is the recording date of March 1983. You should absolutely rip the ACCUMULATIVE POISON split so we can check it out (I didnt even know it existed).

Henk said...

I will rip the EP for you as soon I get some feeling to do anything except sleep or work.

*fuck christmas + this dark ages up here in the north*

Anonymous said...

A workmate of mine Jim Dymott says he was the drummer in Four Minute Warning during the 80's . Is this true?