30 December 2009


After a few listens to the songs on this rehearsal tape, you are gonna really wish that I knew fuck all about ABHOR, but I'm afraid that I do not...just eight blazing UK punk songs recorded in January 1984.  Personal favorites include "Drugged Up," with it's floor tom heavy drum beat, the positively scorching "Where Were The Angels?" and the driving pogo friendly politically charged "Crucifixion."
 But really, the whole fucking thing just kills.

And you might notice that the images are virtually the same today as they were for yesterday's post.  If you did indeed notice, then you are very perceptive.  This rehearsal and the PAGAN IDOLS demo appear on the same tape, so I guess that makes me kinda lazy.


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Henk said...

cool, i've been curious about this tape for years. only heard their live tape before.


Anonymous said...

I remember these lads, saw them live at least once. Their singer was called Dick and the drummer was Kev. They were from a town called Burton-on-Trent, which is just down the river from Discharge land Stoke.