01 September 2011


Spencer told me that SHOPPERS are really blowing up in the world of blog followers, so perhaps I'm a little late to the party today. Those of you (like me) who were not invited to this popularity party, please dive into swirls of deeply personal white noise masking pretty, hook laden, aggressively determined shoegazing sounds. Female vocals creep through the mush of distortion and quietly howling guitars, like a WEDDING PRESENT cassette that got run over by a truck. I think they are from New York, I know that these songs narrow the divide between filthy and beautiful, and I heard their LP is out now.


Anonymous said...

syracuse punk. singer of white guilt plays drums.

Corby said...

I love this band so much. The LP is KILLER. Really raw.

Clint B said...

nice. in the way of old fucked up sonic youth. kinda