14 September 2011


This tape comes courtesy of the mind behind ROSENKOPF, and features some of the most enrapturing bedroom synth marches I've ever heard. I got this one in New York earlier this year, a collection of home recordings and minimal electronic dirges that has lurked in the background at Terminal HQ frequently since I returned from that tour. Rutlated Powerhaus pays homage primitive electro industrial/goth without recreating or aping any specific era or band...haunting vocals soar sparsely above KRAFTWERK styled blips and drones, and you would swear that a JOY DIVISION melody was being manipulated in one instant, before being whisked off on an aural journey that brings TANGERINE DREAM to mind as much as THROBBING GRISTLE. There is a second ROSENKOPF cassette release out now, featuring a full line up, but these tracks are a perfect interlude. 


Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

That first tape you posted was amazing. I have high hopes for these guys. Thanks for posting this!!!!

Anonymous said...

rosenkopf is putting out a record soon on WIERD records. www.wierdrecords.com

the wizard said...