31 August 2011


The same tape that gave me (and you) the glorious BLACK DEATH demo a couple of weeks back offers up this live set from the little known LES PIERRES. A raucous set from 1981 featuring teenage vocals and blown out recording - this is the shit that keeps you stopping by, right? Random recordings of first rate punk from second rate and under appreciated bands? Yeah, we got that. There are really good UK punk jams in this post - though admittedly some of them are buried under poor live sound. Amazing to think that this shit is 30 years old...when LES PIERRES started playing shows, even rock 'n roll wasn't yet 30 years old. But never mind the quality of this post - just think about the fact that when punk started, rock music was not as old as Punk is today - and yet people still flock to, attempt to recreate (and listen to) Punk music while constantly trying to reinvent rock music in the form of something interesting...something like Punk. Therefore, I contend that Punk is better than rock n roll, even though I know that they are basically different manifestations of the same music (and yeah, I know I capitalized "punk"). But really, my (belated) point is: where the fuck else are you going to download three decades old live tapes from random bands and read the pretentious ramblings presented under the guise of information and/or context? Exactly...nowhere. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow -  and the "Follow" button assuages my ego, while comments make me feel like all this drunken typing serves a purpose. Just so you know.


zhollows said...

Yeah! Drunken typing posts!

no more scenester's said...

your full of your self there lots of others where you can find old live tape your not the only deal in town.