27 September 2011


Female fronted goth/post punk from Montreal, these songs sound instantly familiar and welcoming. Perhaps it's because this is descendent from the same species of underground music that first pulled me away from pop music, but I felt an instant connection to this music, as if it had been in my life for years. The vocals drip with Siouxsie's influence and the guitars are ripped from the hands of grudgingly infectious bands like INTERPOL and returned to a circa 1979 Bernard Sumner, where they belong. Subdued and deliberate, calculated and penetrating, there are only four songs here, but DEKODER are nothing short of brilliant. 

Write 'em and see if they still have copies: dekoder(dot)muzyka(at)gmail(dot)com


Koroviev said...

im getting a Blue Cross vibe from this. Didn't you post their tape sometime ago?

Aesop said...

Can't stop listening to this.