18 September 2011


SWAMP WITCH meander through 20 minutes of hazy doom with the physical dexterity of molasses. I cannot think of a more appropriate name for the band...painful southern sludge is met with mystical howls and dark world growls, all while guitars lay serious tonnage at the feet of the gods. An agonizingly slow delivery of relentless punishment. The challenge when creating sounds that are so easily categorized (and thus, dismissed as "just another '---' band") is simplynstanding apart from the crowd, but if SWAMP WITCH haven't met that challenge with their sounds (and I think they have), then the flip side of the tape seals the deal. The entire recording was sent to DJ DREEMZ from Houston and given the treatment. I can only imagine one of Texas' premier Chopped & Screwed DJs trying to find the beat in these songs, and giving something this slow to a DJ renowned for making things slower was a genius move. The result is an atmospheric trip - a complete different vibe is made with the same sounds. Low lights and a bottle of purple drank only serve to heighten the experience...

Available from Gay Scientist Recordings, friendly purveyors of many fine aural excursions.


abdul alhazred said...

Ooh, this sounds wild! Thanks, as always.

hhhaaaooonnn said...

seriously. delicious description
you convinced me.
thank you