06 September 2011


Only three songs on this demo, and only one of those seems to fit with their typical hardcore band logo...but typical or not, that's the song that that I fukkn love. "The Ultimate Asshole Theme Song" is the circlepit-your-fukkn-asses-off-during-the-fastcore-part-and-then-finger-in-the-air-dogpile-the-singer-for-the-sing-along-part song, and it rules, but the first two songs on this tape are more in line with '90s discordant emotional hardcore, FUGAZI is an obvious and not unwarranted comparison. Smart and thoughtful hardcore that never lets good songwriting get in the way of making good songs. We didn't get to see HOODED in action on the CONQUEST FOR DEATH tour in 2008, but they were some of the best folks we hung out with on the whole SE Asian trip...I am ashamed that it's taken me this long to post this demo, and I hope these dudes are all doing well.

This is straight edge with another edge...originality that breaks down walls and shows that critical thinking and humor are closer to the core than backstabbing macho bullshit.
- HOODED, 2008 -



hahaha... thx mate for post this tape, ahhh 4 years ago i give this tape to you robert hahah... we all fine here, n write many new songs, hope this year we go to studio,

btw, thx for the great review :)

Deden aka DenDrew aka CrossxEdge