24 September 2011


Simply put, this is one of the most insane things I've ever heard. If I tell you that Norway's PSUDOKU is a one man grind band then you will probably turn tail and miss out out on 28 incredibly bizarre minutes, so I will not mention that until later. Space Grind is absolutely faster and weirder than any other music you have listened to today, but it is played with manic precision and is loaded with hooks and stops and catchy riffs and bizarre time signatures and guitar breaks that are as good as anything this side of TOTAL FURY (or EYESORE). After my initial listen is was left more in a state of confusion than the blissed out euphoria I feel after being crushed by a killer tape. It was more of a "what just happened, and why does this exist?" feeling, followed quickly by a flip of the tape a further (and louder) research. What if GOBLIN started a grindcore band? These dudes:
Yeah, what if those dudes wanted to play technical grindcore? It would sound like PSUDOKU. I'm telling you, the shit is from space.

I promised not to mention it until later, but this is the end so I'll mention that PSUDOKU is the work of one Norwegian savant, the same one behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI, for anyone keeping track. This tape is available from Revulsion, and the whole thing was put to wax by 625...a wise decision made by a wise man.


The Boo said...

Wow. Dude this is amazing!

Anonymous said...

The Boo beat me to it. This is wonderfully weird.