22 September 2011


These sounds draw you in as the tape rolls, and become indispensable with subsequent listens. Huge droning scapes woven together from long forgotten leftover strands of sound - creating brilliantly simple and emotionally pummeling music. FRKSE are warm and inviting, but sow the emotional seeds of loss on this bleak, layered soundtrack...shoegazing goth for the genuinely damaged. FRKSE have cranked out several releases since their inception in 2009, and I feel like I have let you down by waiting this long to share one of them with you - do not sleep.


Anonymous said...

This gets kind of hypnotic after a while. Good stuff. I'm probably going to end up ordering some of their material, so thanks a lot for giving me something else to spend money on. I have no self-control when it comes to ordering tapes and other crap.
But one should note that it's FRKSE, not FRSKE. Not that that makes any more sense.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

this is pretty cool.