04 September 2011


There must have been thousands of bands like this in the late '90s - chaotic and inwardly directed emotional hardcore delivered with genuine youthful passion. On their 1997 demo, New Jersey's FANSHEN pull off a marriage of those distinctively discordant riffs so typical of the era and the unbridled vocal aggression of the Midwest hardcore greats - "1492" is packed with NEGATIVE APPROACH styled fury, and the song struggles to contain the vocals (vocals that start with "fuck me / fuck you / fuck fuck fuck / who the fuck / what the fuck / I don't give a fuck") with great success. Less than six minutes of music, enough frustration to fill an adolescence.


Anonymous said...

Actually a New Jersey band

the wizard said...

Not sure why I tagged them as being from Chicago - thank you for the correction.

Anonymous said...

i've had their lp for quite some time but haven't heard these tracks thanks for posting! on a side note one of the members in this band went on to play in the measure also from jersey.