02 September 2011


If the internet is to be believed, then this cassette comp features the same producer/DJ/musical genius JEALOUS J. that went on to record, write and tour with BEYONCE, CYPRUS HILL, L'IL WAYNE and MARKY MARK (among many many others), and if in fact this is that case, then I fully expect a cease and desist email headed my way in the very near future. Bearing this in mind, I suggest that you download this tape immediately and rip yourself from the self imposed confines of punk and other rock based musics...because sometimes it's just time to party. Party and dance. This tape came from the $0.25 bin at Dimple Records in Sacramento (worthless used selection, but a goldmine for the long forgotten remnants from years old attempts at commercial cassette success), and even though it was purchased as a joke, Digitial DJs has been a staple at Escape HQ for the last few weeks. Total "glow-stick-in-the-dark-hands-in-the-air-filthy-flared-courderoy-pants-took-too-many-hallucenogens-but-can-there-really-ever-be-too-many-because-can-you FEEL THESE BEATS?!?!" music, but strangely appealing. I heartily recommend this nonsense released by Heat Wave Records back in nineteen eighty or ninety something - the studio stylings of E. Butter Joseph, DJ Jealous J., Hugo "The Man" Diaz and Devious D'Angelo might just help pump you through the last part of your week....that's why mix tapes were born, folks - and this is a fukkn good one.


jimmy said...

you should have left this in the bin.

Anonymous said...

No, Jimmy. No! I like this. It's just plain fun.