03 September 2011


OPT OUT shared a dust laden basement in Philadelphia with these crushers earlier this year, and while the demo might not live up to their live power, these eight songs are the bulldozer that is about to wreck your morning (or afternoon). Bass heavy breakneck hardcore with the unhinged feeling of early the Swedish attack without the trite aping of the sound (and riffs) - a gutteral attack from four dudes with a pedigree spanning three decades...I think the appropriate term is "lifers." A vibe is a hard thing to create on a short punk demo, but STOCKPILE manage to make me feel like this music exists because it needs to...like these sounds are not optional. The vocals are harsh and the riffs are excellent - so two of my requirements have been met, and rest assured that all other requirements are met (or exceeded) on this 13 minute banger. Enjoy your weekend.

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