14 August 2011


NOSE DIVE have been around for nearly a year, but I've yet to see them play...that fact is made all the more saddening after listening to Black Cloud. Stripped and infectious hardcore, tough as hell but not even remotely aggro - you get the distinct impression that NOSE DIVE know something you don't. Well versed and steeped in both angry '80s hardcore and UK punk (think BLITZ meets WARZONE tinged with Midwest punk), while sounding totally relevant. Diane (LIVID, OPT OUT) plays guitar with dudes from RANK/XEROX and JUMP OFF A BUILDING and maybe some other folks, but I wouldn't really know because they never fukkn play shows. This band is at the top of my 'must see' list, and is on a very short list of the best current bands in the Bay, and their tapes are only $1 from Jess.


cdb said...

do you have any other tape it to the limit releases you could/would wanna share? also, i'm looking for the VEGETABLE (tempe az!) cassette? you post so much great stuff though anyways, so thanks!

the wizard said...

VEGETABLE tape is so damn good! I missed them in SF, but Merm was kind enough to snag me a tape. It'll go up soon.
Other TITTL stuff is long gone, but I bet if you asked Jess nicely she could make copies for you. I say that rather presumptively, because Jess is nice.

cdb said...

i think i will have to send jess an email and see what she says then!
i contacted vegetable about their tape but they ran out on tour, so i will be very pleased to get to have a listen here, thanks in advance!