25 August 2011


I know that when I spent a week posting Bay Area demos earlier this month I might have mentioned that a couple of bands were the best band in town. Well, they still are, but so are HESITATION WOULNDS. Let me explain...PERMANENT RUIN are mostly from San Jose (that's South Bay), NOSE DIVE are mostly from San Francisco (that's West Bay), and HESITATION WOUNDS are mostly from Oakland (that's Easy Bay). See, they can all be the best. There are other bands that are the best also, but for now we will just deal with this one...fast, tight, distorted, insane riffs, best guitar sound ever, drummer does things with his snare hand that should be illegal. I guess I could say that this is the evolution of fastcore, but that would be an insult when leveled at this mania - just insanely good hardcore. I have only seen them once...and I need to see them again.


Clint B said...

Oh shit yeah, I have this demo tape right here in my office right now. Time to listen to it again!

Anonymous said...

"drummer does things with his snare hand that should be illegal"

I hope you mean while drumming.
Anyway, this sounds promising. Thanks!