05 August 2011


The title pretty much says it all, this is a Fast Comp. None of these songs crack the one minute mark, and range from face ripping fastcore to mincing grind, with a focus on blinding early '00s speed and a few detours down Powerviolence Avenue along the way. Highlights for these ears include SKATE EDGE, RUN LIKE HELL, KRUPSKAYA, WHITE MALE DUMBINANCE, DICK PUNCH and FILTHPACT, but there are plenty more, and if you like fast then clearly this is your lucky Friday. 34 bands in under 19 minutes, so dig in - the first side will be over before you are finished with your morning dump.

Here are all the band contacts - in case you are feeling like rekindling that '90s "community" feeling. Probably you just want to listen to grindcore in your underpants, and that's fine too.

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